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2. Bright Lights and Seashells (pg 21)

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LolaKills, 12 Jan 2007

Authors comment 2nd and 3rd panel = NO. D:
I'm getting worse, wth~

... Boring page... er. I didn't do this page justice, at least. =/

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Yuyu, 13 Jan 2007

I'd faved this a while ago.. just never commented, but I love your style. *_* You draw such pretty cats.
Uwah, your lighting is so good here!

mintyfreshmangos, 06 Apr 2008


What the hell are you talking about? Not boring. NOT BORING.
My comic has been running for like 20+ and all the pages are boring.

SO YOUR PAGE = NOT BORING. It's too smexy. <3

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