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2. Bright Lights and Seashells (pg 26)

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LolaKills, 27 Jun 2007


And yeah, I went and changed the font of the text on all of you. ComicSans was annoying me, so I switch to Lafayette Comic Pro, I think it's called. :O I've been using it on my other comic, and I prefer it. =]

... Anywho, yeah.
Hopefully, no more long waits, right?

*denies the third panel*
... And Mizuki's doing the laundry, still. xD

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Kai, 27 Jun 2007

sexy font. pretty comic.
*thumbs up*

DarkKitteh, 27 Jun 2007

-happily cuddles Mizuki- He's so bitchy. n_n <3

Kkchan, 27 Jun 2007

Your art skillz are sex ...
I love your comic [and Promise for Tomorrow]
I wish to make Renoke my bed-slave



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