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2. Bright Lights and Seashells (pg 27)

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LolaKills, 04 Jul 2007

Aw. The neighborhood going insane with fireworks, and I wanna throw crap at them. xD

*points at his "semi-seductive" face in the last panel xDD*
(Obscured reference to old story that no one'll get in panel one Dx)
Happy 4th of July, I guess~ =]

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Animegeisha, 04 Jul 2007

Suspence! I'm gonna die!!! X___X

DarkKitteh, 04 Jul 2007

Renoke, you sneak! What's he up to... e_e *tries to say something; is dragged off*

Avonti, 05 Jul 2007

Oooh, <3 Kai and the awesomeness. And the dude's hair... is exactly how I'm growing out my hair... trippy...

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