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2. Bright Lights and Seashells (pg 35)

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LolaKills, 06 Apr 2008

MMMM~ THIS PAGE IS RATHER TEXTLESSS.... ... if you disregard the random SFX ;D
*kicked in the throat*
... Yeah. =D;

iunno. Enjoy and stuffs. ^^;

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mintyfreshmangos, 06 Apr 2008


Can't you see she's lonely!!?? MEN! *drags him back*

I envy you. I love your use of space, the simplify of your screen tone use. I can't do that. ;_;

You know what I have to do now right?

I have to stalk you. XD NO CHOICE!
*hides in your refrigerator*

Meganekko-San, 19 Nov 2008

Simplistic display yet dramatic effect. The way you describe emotion without the faces is too cool. :O

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